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Manjuula Picture

Manjulaa Navaratnasingham

Regd. Physiotherapist

Manjulaa chose her profession because she loves healthy living. Also, Manjulaa is a hard-working and empathetic individual, hence she takes great pleasure in working with and for gifted and giving people. 

Manjulaa has about five years of experience working in acute care, outpatient rehabilitation as well as  Non-governmental organizations. 

Manjulaa has demonstrated a history of treating a wide range of non-surgically and surgically managed orthopedic, neurological and lung conditions and general surgery patients including but not limited to Traumatic brain injury, Stroke, Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis, burns and differently-abled children. 

When treating patients, Manjulaa believes in addressing the root cause of the problem and focusing on active patient-centred rehabilitation and education as important parts of rehabilitation. 


Ramya Murugan

Regd. Physiotherapist

Ramya is a highly qualified physiotherapist with over 14 years of experience in the field and a strong background in sports and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and a Master’s degree with a focus on Neurology.

Ramya is skilled in various manual therapy techniques, exercise prescriptions, and sports and musculoskeletal training.

She has experience treating a variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, and neurological rehabilitation.

She is also a specialist in treating Pelvic floor conditions like pelvic muscle pain,  urinary incontinence, and postnatal conditions. 

Ramya is committed to helping her patients improve their quality of life through personalized and effective physiotherapy treatments. 


Utpal Hirpara

Regd. Physiotherapist

Utpal is a Highly skilled Physiotherapist who is committed to providing compassionate care and empowering his patients to regain their optimal function and quality of life, With a solid education background, a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from India and master’s degree in Kinesiology from USA. His extensive Knowledge and skill set in Manual therapy augmented with application of various modalities allow him to address pain, restore Joint Mobility and enhance functional performance. He is driven by a passion for helping his patients achieve their goals, he combines evidence-based practices with personalized approach to deliver optimal results. He has successfully treated wide range of Orthopaedic conditions whether it is managing pain, enhancing Mobility, or rehabilitating post-surgery.

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Dr.  Nirruba Thayalan

Doctor  of  Chiropractic

Dr. Thayalan attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, where she graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Before becoming a Chiropractor, she completed her undergraduate degree at Western University with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences.


Dr. Thayalan is an evidence-based practitioner who believes in providing her patients with the best possible care. Her vast skill set is effective in treating various musculoskeletal conditions. She uses a combination of spinal and extremity manipulation, active release technique, acupuncture, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, rehabilitative exercises, and educational advice. Dr. Thayalan is driven to help her patients achieve their goals, so they can lead a pain-free and healthy lifestyle!

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Faheem Kayum 

Regd. Osteopath

Faheem is a highly skilled Osteopathic Manual Therapist renowned for his extensive expertise in clinical practice. Employing a blend of precise and gentle manipulative techniques, he engages with his patients 1 on 1, to facilitate their healing journey.

Viewing each individual as a holistic being encompassing body, mind, and spirit, Faheem is committed to addressing the root cause of ailments. He endeavours to educate his patients on their specific diagnoses, emphasizing the interconnectedness of biomechanics, physiological systems, and overall well-being.

Having earned a Master’s degree in Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences, Faheem has honed his craft through diverse experiences with various demographics. These encounters have enriched his understanding and equipped him with a versatile skill set to deliver personalized care of the highest quality.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Faheem prioritizes his own health and wellness pursuits. He channels his passion for fitness through weightlifting and boxing, dedicating time to nurturing his physical vitality. When not in the gym, he indulges his adventurous spirit by exploring the vibrant offerings of the city.

With a steadfast dedication to enhancing the lives of others and a commitment to continual self-improvement, Faheem epitomizes the ethos of holistic healing and compassionate care.

Li Cheng Chong Picture

Li Cheng Chong

Regd. Massage Therapist

Li Cheng Chong graduated in 2015 from the Royal Institute of Science & Management as a Registered Massage Therapist. Li specializes in Swedish massage techniques, trigger point release, myofascial techniques, and remedial exercises. Li is one of the most sought-after massage therapists out there. She enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Minakshi Picture

Minakshi Mohan

Regd. Acupuncturist

Minakshi Mohan also known as Mina had graduated from Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2017 as a registered Acupuncturist. Mina had started practising Traditional Chinese Medicine and had a passion for it when she decided to see an acupuncturist for her health. Mina had seen the benefits and the use that traditional medicine had; she took it into her own hands to become an acupuncturist. Not only is Minakshi a part of the Acupuncturists of Ontario she is also a registered nurse who wants to make a change in the healthcare field. 


Michelle Ferrer-Isla

Regd. Massage Therapist

Michelle finished her massage therapy program at Oxford College in April 2022, and has just recently joined our team! Michelle is very passionate about helping clients manage their pain. It gives her the great feeling of being able to help others. Michelle has excellent interpersonal skills which help her interact with different clients with different conditions allowing her to address the client's needs. 

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Mary Vien Gutierez

Regd. Massage Therapist

Coming Soon...

Ami Joshi Picture

Ami Joshi

Regd. Massage Therapist

Coming Soon...

Naina Arora Picture

Naina Arora Chawla

Regd. Homeopath &


Naina Arora Chawla is the aspiring Director of Hope Wellness & Rehab, a practising homeopath registered with both the Ontario College of Homeopaths (Canada) and the Punjab Homeopathy Council (India). She has been a devout student of Homeopathy since her college days and now at her young age, she has not just completed her 3-year practice in India but has also left a mark of her efficient services in Canada working at various locations now for more than 4 years with numerous satisfied patients across Canada from treatment advanced.

Seema Mohan Picture

Seema Mohan

Office Manager

Seema Mohan has completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in marketing at Ontario Tech University.

As office manager Seema ensures that all clients are respected and provided with the utmost care, ensuring that they have a wonderful experience. Seema has been an office administrator for over a year now and loves meeting new friendly faces. 

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